I want a break – Rufus

Dear future kids, I wrote this article as a thread on Twitter during a world-wide pandemic and lockdown.

After this lockdown, I want a break from my wife.

Temitayo stepped out of the house today & checking on her gave me so much joy. I low-key wish she didn’t return home today, for good reasons.

Don’t get me wrong…

I love every minute with this woman. Now, I’m even recording personal video bits to capture these fleeting moments. A library I can go back to when memory starts playing tricks on us.

But, absence they say makes the heart grow fonder. I want to desire her like when we were single again, hug the pillow while listening to Celine Dion & Johnny Drille. Luckily, I can now safely lust and add sexual healing to the playlist.

Calling her on the phone & whispering sweet nothings, eager to recharge again when quick hello turns to 30 mins call. Then, our Sunday afternoon/evening calls (after that beautiful Sunday sleep) was my favourite. No better time to share our plans for the week.

I just want to miss her all over again and plan a day to see her, hang out, and depending on the mood; beg her not to leave yet or remind her it’s 4 p.m and her mom, my mother-in-law, will soon call.

You know, desire is about wanting. Longing.

I just want to her off to Ikorodu, then head back to Surulere knowing that I won’t see her for another week. Like in the picture above, enjoy that BRT commute extra time.

Sadly, I know this is wishful thinking, for now.

Being here beside her 24/7 and present? Not trading that for anything. Thanks to COVID. Or maybe this is me silently praying to God for a near post-COVID future when I’ll say to her:

“Don’t worry, I and the kids will take of ourselves. Enjoy your planned 3-weeks US/UK tour with your friends. Here’s a card for your shopping. I’ll be mad jealous if you upload pictures for the world to see on IG without sending to me first”

Insert a ticklish kiss here)

My point is:

  1. I love this woman, can’t you see that already?
  2. Single folks should enjoy the long calls and the nothings you talk about now. Call every day if you can.
    Somethings are rarer after tying the knot, while some are more common. Like kisses.
  3. Am I weird?

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